Making a Booking

To find out when we have viewings please contact the relevant management office. You can do this for Central Quay by calling 0114 275 3965, emailing or simply call in to the building if you’re passing

If you would like to make a booking, you can do it online by clicking the ‘Book Now’ tab at the top of the page, which will take you to our online booking portal. To request more booking information you can call us on 0114 275 3965, email us at or call into the office and we’ll be happy to help.

To take out a tenancy with us you need to be eligible for council tax exemption. This applies to all full-time students and some part-time students. If you’re unsure about this, your university or college should be able to advise you whether you are exempt.

Yes, you can book in pairs or as a group if you want to move in with friends. Group bookings can be done online too, one member of the group just needs to register and under ‘create a group booking’ they need to give the group a name, complete everyone’s personal details and then pay the booking fee. When this has been done, the rest of the group has 24 hours to register, select the ‘join a group booking’ option and pay their booking fee.

All of our en-suite rooms are single occupancy only, as are our Classic Studios. If you are looking to share with a partner, we do offer dual occupancy in our Premium Studios, which have a full double bed and additional storage space.

If you have any preferences, please let us know at the time you make your booking. We’ll look at the room type you have requested, your year of study, gender and any other preferences and will try our best to find a flat that suits you, however please bear in mind that it’s not always possible for us to meet more specific. After we’ve allocated you a room and flat, we’ll get in touch near to check in with the details of a Facebook group you can join to meet people.

There is a section on your application form where you can state any preferences. Whilst we will try our best to meet your requests, we cannot guarantee room type, flat type, location, or the profile of the other residents in your flat.

Yes, you can stay at Central Quay throughout your studies. Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis so be sure to re-book as soon as possible.

A copy of the standard Host–Central Quay tenancy agreement can be downloaded here. All residents will receive a copy of their tenancy to keep upon arrival.

If you cancel your contract before it begins you will be subject to our cancellation terms and charges. Cancellations will only be accepted upon receipt of a completed cancellation form. Contact Central Quay main office to request a form.

Once the contract has begun you are liable for the full tenancy as stated in the tenancy agreement. Cancellation terms and conditions apply.

If another tenant is found to take over your tenancy, Host – Central Quay will agree to release you from your contract, and you will be required to pay an administration charge. You must vacate your room and return the keys to the management office and will be refunded any overpaid rent after you have moved out. This refund will be calculated based on the date the new tenant takes up occupation of the room, not the date you move out. Should no replacement tenant be found for your room you will be liable for the rent for the duration of your tenancy agreement.

Moving In

Make sure you bring the booking confirmation for your accommodation, as well as some form of ID. If you have been asked to bring any additional items when making your booking, make sure you have them with you as you will need to produce them before your keys will be issued.

Central Quay has a select number of parking spaces in the courtyard. During check in, you are allocated a period of time to unload your things. The onsite team will be able to provide you with a list of local car parks you can use after this time.

We have staff on site 24 hours a day. At the start of contract, we have extended opening hours and you are advised to arrive when the office is open. However, if you arrive when the office is closed, instructions outside our office will advise you how to contact the member of staff on duty.

Arrive from 10am on the day of check in and you will be welcomed at our management office by a member of the Central Quay team. You will be asked to provide any outstanding documents, and once the paperwork is complete you will be issued with your key and fob.

Part of the university experience is meeting people from different backgrounds, with different interests. We hope that you’ll enjoy the diversity of university life, however if you’re unhappy, we recommend talking to your flatmates to try to come to a solution. It’s usually not possible to move rooms, however please do speak to management if you have any problems and if someone else is in a similar situation, you may be able to swap rooms directly. It’s important to remember that moving to university is a stressful time and that initial teething problems are usually resolved within the first few weeks.

It’s not usually possible to change rooms after you’ve arrived. All rooms are allocated on a 44 or 51 week contract and unless there is a suitable empty room, or another resident also requests a room swap, we would be unable to change your room.

We do try and accommodate early arrivals, subject to availability. Please contact Central Quay Office for more information if you would like to move in early.

Living at Central Quay

All flats come with a cooker, hob, microwave, toaster and kettle provided as standard.

Central Quay provides a mattress; however additional bedding is not supplied. If you wish to contact the hall prior to your arrival, they will be able to advise whether bedding can be purchased on-site.

There is no telephone provided in your flat.

A Wi-Fi connection is provided to every room at Central Quay, free of charge. Our provider also offers additional add-ons for TV, gaming and back-up. All residents who wish to use the internet services must sign up to the terms and conditions of use.

Speed: Wired 70Mbps nominal wired connection download speed

Wireless Up to 70Mbps nominal wireless connection download Speed (actual wireless download speed may vary depending on the user device and the location of the user device at any given time).

Devices: Users can connect up to 7 devices on their personal accounts (Please note: the total 70Mbps download speed is split between the number of devices the user has connected to the network)


Areas covered

· Studios
· Bedrooms
· Kitchen/Lounge Areas
· Reception/Foyer
· Public Communal Areas

Areas excluded

· Stairwells
· Plant Rooms
· Storage and Access Areas

You can connect via Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable – if you don’t have one, speak with Reception and they’ll be able to help.

TV’s are not provided in the flats. There is a TV within the Common Room which is free for residents to use at any time.

Yes, we have lifts that service all six blocks here at Central Quay.

At central Quay we have a secure underground car park available to students. If you’re interested in using it, get in touch as soon as you book to join the waiting list for the following academic year. It is a large car park and we will usually be able to accommodate everyone who needs a space, however we cannot guarantee this. For further information on any costs and waiting lists, please contact the management office. Please note – guests are not allowed to use the car park. There are a number of local car parks that they can use, and the office will be happy to advise you of the nearest ones.

No bikes may be stored within the flats. Bikes can be stored in the secure underground car park. Please ask us to add the bike shed to your key permissions in the management office.

Central Quay is staffed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week by trained caretakers or security guards.

The management office is open Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. On Bank Holidays – weekend hours apply.

We provide 24-hour security with CCTV, electronic access control and a member of staff available at all times. Our residents also have a responsibility for ensuring the site is kept secure and we ask that they report anything suspicious to staff immediately.

Maintenance should be reported to the management staff during office hours and our maintenance team will be informed. You can also log any maintenance issues on the online portal.

Once maintenance issues have been reported and logged in our maintenance book, a member of the maintenance team will attend to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. Occasionally, it will not always be possible to complete the repair on the first visit and a subsequent visit may be necessary. Repairs are responded to on a priority basis, please be aware that it may not be possible to attend to your problem the same day you report it, especially at busy times of the year.

If you have a maintenance problem that needs urgent assistance when the sales office is closed you should contact the security team. The phone number is provided in your welcome pack and on the notice boards in your flat. The security guard will respond to your problem and do whatever is possible to resolve the issue. This may include calling our out of hours maintenance team, but it may not always be possible to complete the repair out of office hours.

Laundry facilities are provided with washers and dryers onsite by Circuit Laundry. More information on the equipment is available within your welcome pack. How to use the laundry facilities can be found here.

Small post items will be placed in the post box for your flat. These are located in reception. Parcels and recorded mail will be signed for by Central Quay staff without liability and can be collected during office hours by presenting your student card or ID.

It is the resident’s responsibility to clean their own rooms and they share responsibility for the communal area of the flat. You’ll also be entitled to one kitchen clean per month from our friendly housekeeping team, however, this is intended to supplement resident’s cleaning, not replace it. Management staff will conduct monthly inspections and you are expected to ensure that your room and flat is clean on these days. Failure to meet the required cleanliness standards will result in external cleaning contractors being brought in, the cost of which will be passed onto the resident(s). At the end of the tenancy the bedroom and flat must be returned in a good, clean condition to avoid cleaning charges, again it is the responsibility of all residents to ensure the kitchen and lounge are clean.

Smoking is not permitted in any area inside the buildings at Central Quay; this includes bedrooms, stairways and communal areas. Smoking is permitted in the courtyard, but please be mindful to stay away from open windows as this can be unpleasant for students on the ground floor.

You are responsible for ensuring that you leave your room and flat in the same condition that is was given to you. You will be asked to complete and return an inventory to record the condition of your room upon arrival. Marks on the walls or furniture, including those caused by blu-tac, white-tac or pins will require painting once you have left and you may be charged in line with our advertised schedule of charges.

Occasional overnight guests are permitted if your flatmates agree. All overnight guests must be signed in at reception for safety, security and so that staff know who is on site in the event of an emergency. You must accompany your guests at all times whilst they are on site and you are responsible for their behaviour.

No, Central Quay does not have guest rooms.

Parking is usually reserved for residents only. The exception to this is during check in and check out, when those helping students to move in/out are allowed to use the car park for a limited period of time.

Our accommodation has secure card-only access at the main entrances to ensure that only residents have access to the site. Visitors will need to contact reception or yourself to gain access. For safety and added security, all visitors should be signed in at reception and must be accompanied by residents at all times whilst on site.

No pets of any type are permitted at Central Quay.

We hope that you never have any reason to be unhappy with our services, but if you do have any issues that you would like to raise, please contact a member of staff in your sales office who will be able to help.


We don’t take a deposit, we take a £250 advanced rent payment to secure your booking. £250 is then taken off your first payment.

You can pay your rent by credit/debit card either at reception or via the online housing portal. It is also possible for payments to be made by bank transfer, but you will need to make arrangements with the management office for this as usually your rent will be automatically taken from the details you provided when booking. You can pay your rent in full on the date we have in place before the contract starts, you can pay in three instalments on the dates we have in place, or you can pay on a monthly basis.

You can arrange to do this by credit/debit card via the online portal or by bank transfer. Please be aware that if you’re paying by bank transfer, the bank will usually deduct charges from the amount you send us, and you will need to pay the amount due before you can move in.

If you choose to pay in three instalments, all tenants will require a UK based guarantor. The guarantor needs to be either in full-time employment, self-employed, or in receipt of a state/private pension. If you chose to pay monthly, you will need to use Housing Hand as our trusted Guarantor Service.

Please note that we don’t wait on student loans here at Central Quay and payments will need to be made on the dates they’re due

If you are having financial difficulties, you should contact a member of the management team as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in interest charges being added to your account, or in some cases legal action if you fail to pay on the due dates. Our team can advise you of where you can get financial help.

Central Quay cannot accept foreign currency or travellers’ cheques as payment. The safest and simplest way for international students to make a payment is by Credit/Debit card or bank transfer.

Contact a member of the management team who will be able to advise you of payment amounts and dates due.

If you don’t pay your rent, daily interest may be added to the amount you owe to us. Your guarantor will be contacted and will be asked to pay the amount that you owe. Central Quay will commence legal proceedings against any resident who fails to pay the rent due. These proceeding will also include action against the resident’s guarantor.


Provided you are a student in full-time education you will be exempt from council tax. We require you to provide an exemption letter once you have enrolled.

All utilities are included in the price of the rent.

A connection up to 70mbps is provided to your room free of charge. Should you wish to upgrade to a faster connection you should contact our internet provider and payments can be made online.

Central Quay does not supply a TV licence. Should you bring a television for your bedroom or access TV through your internet connection you will need to arrange for a separate TV licence. Please contact TV Licensing for further details.

Basic insurance cover is provided for each resident through Endsleigh. Details of your cover is provided within your welcome pack at arrival. Should you wish to make an insurance claim you will need to contact the insurance company directly.

Moving Out

You are expected to make sure that your room and flat are returned at the end of your contract in good condition. You must ensure that all areas within the flat are cleaned thoroughly and that all rubbish and unwanted items are removed from the flat to avoid any charges. Damage to the flat or any missing items will be charged for and you must ensure that all outstanding invoices are settled prior to your departure. A final room and bedroom check will be completed at the end of the tenancy once the student has moved out and you will be notified and invoiced for any damages.

During office hours, keys can be returned to the management office. If you move out when the office is closed, you should put your keys in an envelope with your name and room number clearly marked on it and return by posting through the check-out box.

Central Quay does not take deposits. All damages will be invoiced for after your departure.

We’re inclusive and welcome residents from far and wide, from all backgrounds, cultures and circumstances to make their home with us here at Central Quay.